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Balance Active Formula offers a comprehensive range of powerful serums, creams and masks loaded with active levels of trend-led ingredients, to tackle almost any skin concern for visible results. These solution-driven products are dermatologically tested with highly concentrated formulas to help rejuvenate tired skin, brighten the complexion, increase hydration, tighten lines and freeze wrinkles.

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Breakthrough Active Ingredients

Balance Active Formula Vitamin C and Hyaluronic
Vitamin C and Hyaluronic

6% Illumiscin & 3% Stay-C helps create a brighter looking complexion whilst the 5% Hyaluronic acid improves the skin elasticity.

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Balance Active Formula Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood

3% Liftonin & Dragon's Blood from the Croton Lechleri Tree creates intense lifting and tightening to reduce lines and wrinkles.

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Balance Active Formula Gold Collagen
Gold Collagen

Colloidal Gold and Marine Collagen help rejuvenate tried skin for a glowing complexion.

Gold Collagen
Balance Active Snake Venom
Snake Venom

4% Syn-ake helps to freeze wrinkles and smoothes crow's feet, similar to a peptide found in the temple viper's venom.

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