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World Earth Day - 22nd April 2020

Published on: 22 Apr 2020, 07:21  |  Last Updated on: 22 Apr 2020, 08:07

World Earth Day

World Earth Day falls on 22nd April each year; marking it’s 50th year in 2020. It is a day for us to spend a little extra time, thought and consideration on how we treat our beloved planet. Although we may choose to ignore it, we need to remember that we need our planet more than it needs us, and Earth day is a reminder of how important it is to live in a planet-friendly way.

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is climate action; the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life support systems that make our world habitable. The fact is that temperatures are rising, causing ice to melt which in turn has contributed to sea level rise at 3.2mm a year! The rising temperatures are also impacting wildlife and their habitats; vanishing ice challenging some species, and many are having to migrate to cooler areas of the world. It has also been the cause of severe weather conditions, with some regions experiencing more precipitation than ever, whilst others experiencing more severe drought, increasing the risk of wildfires, lost crops and drinking shortages.

The world really does need you and your actions.

Making a difference

Body Bliss

As a beauty manufacturer, we are conscious about the impact that the industry has on the environment. Here at Creightons, we have developed our Body Bliss brand with recyclability, sustainability, reduction of plastic, and animal welfare in mind.

The rapid increase of single-use plastic around the world is accelerating climate change. Plastic contributes to greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of its lifecycle. To tackle this, Body Bliss packaging is made with 50% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. Utilizing 50% recycled materials means we can extend the life of the plastic so it can be recycled multiple times and also reduce the amount of virgin plastic we are creating- this will ultimately help towards reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the oceans or landfill.

Additionally, all Body Bliss products are manufactured in the UK, so you can reduce your own carbon footprint by buying high quality, locally made products that aren’t travelling halfway across the globe to reach you.

As well as our packaging, we have also eliminated plastics, known as microplastics, from our formulations. Microplastics are very small pieces of plastic that can end up in the Marine environment and contribute to increased levels of CO2. They are used in many personal care products for texture and consistency. We have replaced these with sustainably sourced fruit extracts and over 90% naturally derived ingredients containing 0% parabens.






Little Acts of Kindness

Earth Day comes around once a year, but these simple lifestyle changes can be beneficial for the additional 364 days. Curious to learn about what you can do? We have shared our recommended #littleactsofkindess to help save our planet:

World Earth Day

  1. Stop drinking out of plastic bottles- replace your regular single-use plastic bottles with reusable water bottles. The same goes for other single-use plastics, such as straws.

  2. Invest in reusable bags- it is estimated that the average family takes home almost 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year. These can take up to 1,000 years to degrade. Start to re-use bags.

  3. Buy eco-friendly beauty & household products- conventionally manufactured products contain ingredients that are bad for you and for the environment, make the switch to natural products. You should also look for products     that are reusable, sustainably sourced or made from recycled materials. Shopping eco-friendly goes a long way.

  4. Turn the tap off- you can save up to 8 gallons of water a day just by turning the tap off when you brush your teeth or for those 20 seconds when scrubbing your hands with soap.

  5. Unplug appliances, not in use- your household appliances are wasting energy even when they are not turned on.