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National Bubble Bath

BathDon’t you just love a warm, relaxing bubble bath on a cold winter’s day? A perfect way to commemorate National Bubble Bath Day, celebrated annually on January 8th!

Beautifully scented candles, calming music, rich bubbles, and some time to ourselves have all been the hallmark of a bubble bath. Bubble Bath Day reminds us of these little luxuries and reminds us to take time out of our busy day to treat ourselves to some TLC.

On this day, it’s all about taking your bath time up a notch or two. Make sure to fill your tub to the brim with bubbles, set some mood lighting and put on some ultimate relaxation music. There’s something extra cosy and plush about having your bath filled with bubbles… it looks much more tempting! Plus, did you know that these bubbles actually insulate the bath water? Meaning that the water will stay warm for longer!

Why not try one of our deliciously sweet bath & shower gels this Bubble Bath Day? These are available in four indulgent, body and mind enhancing fragrances including: Vanilla & Macadamia, Raspberry & Pomegranate, Mango & Papaya and Coconut Water. Wash away the daytime stresses and leave skin feeling silk, soft and beautifully scented.

What’s more is that Body Bliss packaging is made with 50% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. By using 50% recycled materials we can extend the life of the plastic so it can be recycled multiple times, and it also reduces the amount of virgin plastic we are using and creating- easing the strain on the amount of plastic in our oceans or going into landfill. But it’s not just our packaging we are eliminating plastics from. We have abolished microplastics in our formulations in exchange for sustainably sourced fruit extracts and over 90% naturally derived ingredients! At just £2.99, no matter your budget, you are able make a difference to the environment one bubble bath at a time!